List of Architects, Engineers and more in Malta

Stoyan Stoyanov 10 March 2018

Once again... there is no need for me to re-discover America... A comprehensive list of architects has been put together with other useful information over here

On the other hand, if someone needs a backlink or have something else in mind, I can always add his/her details to the table below. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Contact Number
(356) 21318184
(356) 79018753

Specialisation: Architectural Design Residential and Commercial, Valuations, Cost Consultation, Structural Engineering, Project Management, Construction Management, Land Registration and Surveying.

If you need the professional service of an architect, it means that you'll need to put your patience shoes on. Not because of the architect of course. It's the procedures that are needed to be done and works that needs to be caried out once MEPA comes in. I will not go inito deitails here, however, remember that you need to work hard if you want all to be satisfied. You'll have to keep reminding everyone about your property and get to use all of your leads.

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.

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Architects job is nonetheless important than anybody's else job. It could include architectural design, structural design, landscaping or even interior design, MEPA aplications, project managment and much more. Not every architect offers such comprehensive services, but many companies do.

Do a good research before you hire someone if you don't get any reckomendatios from friends. Young doesn't necessarily mean ineffective or incompetent. Also expensive doesn't always mean better!

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