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List of Banks in Malta

Stoyan Stoyanov 03 May 2019

There must be very few people out there, who won't need the service of a bank these days. Be it for everyday shopping with your debit/credit card, sending money via bank transfer, receiving money for clients or what we are meant to talk about here - getting a loan for a property.

Everyone who lives here must know which the main players in this game are and of course, everyone has his own preferences. I am listing the banks which operate in Malta for the people who are still fresh-comers and want to know what the options are out there.

Link Email Address Contact Number
(356) 2380 2380
(356) 2131 2020
(356) 2260 1000
APS Bank
(356) 2122 6644
Lombard Bank Malta
(356) 2558 1152
MeDirect Bank Malta
(356) 2557 4400

They all have very similar rates at first look, however, on the long run, you might find a good difference in the interest you'll have to pay when you take a loan for a property.

The beginning is the most important part of the work.

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My advice is, do not take everything for granted! Read everything from top to bottom, especially the small fonts, because if it is too easy to take the money, paying back is not! 

Posted by Stoyan Stoyanov

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