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Stoyan Stoyanov 03 May 2019

Whilst the list of real estate agencies is growing, I am only adding the main players in the industry. If you own an agency which is not listed below and would like to have your link included below, feel free to contact us at any time.


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Real estate agents are no sort of heroes, however, many people treat them like they are stealing from them when it comes to dealing with properties. In most cases, the agents spend their own money on petrol and telephone bills. They also spend a lot of time searching for the right properties. I personally think that agents deserve their commission and people shouldn't try and close deals behind their back.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

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Not all agents are good of course. There are hundreds of them out there (if not thousands). There might be cases where real estate agents won't show up for a meeting or accidentally forget to tell you about some detail before you buy a property. You need to be ready for this type of scenarios even if you're dealing directly with property owners. I personally have been on both sides (as an agent and as a client) and have tasted a bit of everything. I liked the fact that every agent has to learn how to be at least a wee bit of a psychologist and make people like him/her... I mean... would you buy something from a person you're not pleased with?

Ultimately, do not miss the opportunity to buy the property you've always dreamed of just because you want to save on commission!

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