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€1,000 from the government when doing roof thermal insulation or double glazing

Stoyan Stoyanov 03 May 2019

The government scheme we are referring to is operated by the Regulator for Energy and Water Services Malta (REWS) to encourage the use of systems (for domestic use) that reduce the consumption of energy. The scheme is funded through national funds and applies to roof thermal insulation material and double-glazed apertures. One can get 50% (up to 1,000) of the qualified bill.

Before you continue reading, please consider the below as a simplified version of the official documentation of the government scheme and by any means, do not rely upon the content of this site when making an investment decision.


REWS have provided a guide on how to make use of the grant which can be downloaded from here and we strongly recommend you do so, but then again, we cannot miss pinpointing the few major steps to be taken in order to receive the grant.

The one thing that is very important and many people misunderstand or just fail to discover on time is that "applicants need to apply prior to purchasing the eligible systems". One also needs to pay all bills prior to receiving the grant. Keeping that in mind, you can:

  1. Choose a supplier and get a quotation. I recommend Servgroup for the double glazing, as they have a vast variety to choose from and could also assist you when applying for the grant.
  2. Fill in “application A” (download) and submit to the REWS together with the rest of the required documentation. 
  3. If approved, go ahead and confirm the installations with the supplier you've chosen.
  4. Fill in “application B” (download) and submit to the REWS together with the rest of the required documentation.
  5. Sit down and relax, while the inspector goes through your application.
  6. If everything is in order you should receive the payment directly into your bank account.
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More details of this government scheme can be found on REWS website 

I hope you guys found that helpful and look forward to your suggestions.

Posted by Stoyan Stoyanov

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