Get Started with is a free online real estate platform. We allow users to list their properties for free, no matter if they are for sale, rent or share. It doesn't matter if you're an agent, owner, developer or a tenant. As long as you don't break our T&Cs and any other laws, you're welcome.

We've worked very hard to achieve a simple and functional design, allowing users to feel the best experience, without any difficulty on desktop as well on mobile devices.

Feel free to list as many properties as you want, with as many photos as you want. We won't charge you extra for it. You can donate of course, but only if you want to!

Now, where is the catch?... There is no catch! We only charge you, if you want your listing to be shown on the main page or you want to have a banner displayed on our website and yet we are only talking pennies.

We need to pay our bills somehow of course. We earn through the ads that are running on the side that most probably most people don't pay attention to. The more you click on them, the more we earn. We are also associates of Amazon, so if you buy some of the items shown on our website by clicking on them, we'll get a percentage from Amazon from the sale price.




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